Lucky and Cassidy

Lucky Effort

Lucky Effort ("Lucky") was a registered Thoroughbred mare, foaled in 1993 here at Whispering Hills Friesians. She died in 2004. (Photo taken 2000).
Lucky Effort (TB) Steady Effort Steady Growth
Lady Jaqueline
Curiosity Marks Naevus
Inquisitive Lady

List of Offspring

1. Dillon, by Donius W.
2. Delta, by Donius W.,
owned by Katy Nelson
3. Zavanna, by Donius W.,
owned by Jennifer Brownlow
4. Cassidy, by Donius W.,
owned by Deanna Johnson
5. Franz, by Donius W.
6. Isabelle, by Donius W.,
owned by Ann Louise MacDonald
7. Jazzmine, by Donius W.

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