Owned by Margaret Freeman, Mt. Kisco, NY


Congratulations to Margaret and Windsong!
Windsong is the Friesian Sporthorse Registry
2005 Horse of the Year

Windsong is a 1999 Friesian-Warmblood mare sired by Donius W. Her dam is Windigo, a Canadian Warmblood mare. Windsong is a full-sister to Caterina.
Windigo (CWB) Widukind (Hann) Werther (Hann)
Gesine (Hann)
Brocade QV (Trak-TB) Falko (Trak)
Biotite (TB)

Margaret reports that Windsong is going well in 2005, with a successful attempt at her first USEF-recognized show: high-score FSHR on Sunday, including a 70% and 69% at Training 4, 65% and 66% at First 1, with an 8 on gaits from two judges.

She did even better at her second show, a three-day show in NJ: four seconds and a first. Her best was Training Level high score on Saturday with a 70.833 in Training 4 from Kem Barbosa, following her first-ever First 4 with a 66.94 from Anne Gribbons. Both judges gave her an 8 on gaits.

Margaret's summary for 2005:
Windy and I had a fabulous first year showing together in 2005.  Out of 20 open classes, many of them very large, she finished third or better 17 times and earned an 8 for gaits eight times. She also finished fourth in the Open Training Level Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Championships. Her USDF average for Training Level was 69.8% and for First Level was 65.9%. She won First Place in the USDF All-Breeds Awards for the Friesian Sport Horse Registry at both Training and First Levels. She was also first at Open Training Level and third at Open First Level in the Connecticut Dressage Assn. annual awards. We're aiming to show Second Level in 2006.

2007 update:
Windy and I had a good year in 2007. We had our usual slow winter but made up for it in the summer. My showing schedule is limited to only four or five shows a year, since I'm judging most weekends. We did nine tests at Second Level, including four from 67% to 71%. Year end results: 62.703% average and First at Second Level Open in USDF All-Breeds (FSHR); 67.63% average and First at Second Level in Friesian Sport Horse Registry Open Competition; 68.613% and First at Second Level Open in Connecticut Dressage Assn. We were third in the Region 8 championships in the First Level Freestyle; fifth at the BLM Championships in First Level Freestyle and fifth (out of 18) in the First Level Championships. Windy won at least one blue in each of her five shows this year and seven of the 13 open classes we entered. Flying changes are coming and we're looking forward to Third Level in 2008.

2008 update:
Third Level is going well this spring. This past weekend Windy handled four tests in 95-degree heat with plenty of gas left in the tank. She got a 78% in a Second Level Freestyle. Photo above is of a trot half pass.

Windy and I had another good year in 2008. We finished with a USDF 64.65% median at Third Level and a 73.75% median at Second Level Freestyle, which was second overall in the country. Windy won high score awards for USDF All-Breeds, Westchester-Fairfield Dressage Assn., Connecticut Dressage Assn., and Friesian Sport Horse Registry, and she won the Second Level Freestyle Championship at the Region 8 USDF Regionals. We're schooling all the movements for Prix St. Georges, and that's our goal for 2009.

Windsong in 2008

Windsong in 2005

Windsong in 2005

Windsong in 2005

Windsong in 2005

Previously owned and ridden by
Kimberly Hunter, Nokesville, VA

Windsong in 1999

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