Horses for Sale

Purebred Friesians

Bettina von Donius
(2008) (Sold)

Liberty von Donius
(2011) (Sold)

Rozana of Whispering Hills (2013) (Sold)
Friesian Sporthorses

Sienna Sekin WHF
(2013) (Sold)

Madeus WHF (2012)

Monty WHF (2012)

Lynara WHF
(2011) (Sold)

Godiva WHF
(2010) (Sold)

Damita WHF (2009)

Antel WHF
(2008) (Sold)

Annika WHF (2008)

Wendi WHF (2007)

Xavia WHF
(2007) (Sold)

Tina WHF
(2006) (Sold)

Tannis WHF (2006)

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Videos of Donius W. and his offspring can be seen at YouTube.

Young stock by Donius W. is for sale. These youngsters will be suitable for use in the dressage and driving disciplines, and will also make elegant riding horses. Crossbred offspring are out of Warmblood, Thoroughbred, and Arabian mares. Prices start at $5,000. 


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